Award Details

Scholarship Amount: $1,000

Number of scholarships - TBD

Application submission dates: March 1, 2020 through April 30, 2020. (all applications must be received by April 30th in order to be considered for an award.)


In order to qualify for a Tryumph Foundation scholarship you must be:

  • A Massachusetts resident
  • A high school senior (12th grade) pursuing higher education (accredited 2 or 4 year college) or trade school
  • Currently volunteering and have a minimum of 200 hours of past volunteer services


Please include the following in your application:

  • An essay (between 400 and 500 words) describing why community service is important to you. Remember to include examples of how your participation has strengthened your community and enriched your own life.
  • Proof of 200 hours of volunteer community service. Please include:
    • The name of the organization, address, telephone number, and website.
    • The program coordinator/director’s name, contact information, and his or her signature.
  • A letter of college acceptance (can be submitted after April 30th, but must be received by May 15th)
  • A letter of recommendation from a program coordinator/director of the organization for which you volunteered.

Scholarship recipients will be posted to our website after May 30th, 2020. Please check back at that time.

Scholarships will be given out at the end of June and will be sent directly to your college or institution of higher learning.

Please note that Tryumph focuses on awarding students who demonstrate a strong and steady commitment to a few organizations over those who may sporadically volunteer for several different places.

How to submit application

Click here to download Scholarship Application

Please email your application to Elena LaFrance

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